Carmen Millan

1910 – 1974
Functions, Occupations, and Activities
Painter. Daughter of Manuel Lorenzo Guevara and Estílita Guevara, wife of Víctor Millán. At the beginning of the sixties the couple settled in Mare Abajo (Edo. Vargas), where they develop an important work together with other painters of the locality. She began painting in 1964 and exhibited for the first time, in the company of her husband, Cecilio Acosta de Los Teques (1966). He then continued to present his work at the Gallery Gallery and in the "First Retrospective of Venezuelan Naive Painting of the Twentieth Century" (Caracas Gallery, Caracas, 1967) and at the Pan American Union of Washington (1972). In 1968 he inaugurated his first individual at the Cruz del Sur Bookstore. In his first cartoons he represented anecdotes, to then conceive a work of peasant resonances, applying dense textural strokes as points superimposed on various colored areas. On his work, Francisco Da Antonio wrote: "a motley and confused world was manifested in those first cartoons pregnant with color, characters and anecdotes that only the painter - as in the case of children - was able to narrate in a fairy tale. Their women, priestesses of a primitive rural mythology, seem to us to be seen elsewhere in the work of Armando Reverón and also as elder sisters of those seductive dolls of rag who popular naivety consecrates to the practice of certain magical practices " (1974, pp. 83-84). In 1996 he was included in the sample "Presencia en el tiempo" (Sala Cadafe). [Retrieved on 9/13/17 from,_Carmen&prev=search]