Irene Aguilar

Alternate names
Irene Aguilar Alcantara
Functions, Occupations, and Activities
>Potter, sculptor
She calls herself a clay craftsperson...most however would call her an artist who works with clay. Irene says she does not use any special clay because it is all basically the same. "It is my hands," she says, "that are special. She says her work is part of's her life, and that without it, she feels her life would have no value. [From artist statement in Irene Aguilar's vertical file in the Bartlett Library of the Museum of International Folk Art]
Isaura Alcántara Díaz, [Irene's mother and teacher] was the innovator – in collaboration with her husband, Jesús Aguilar Revilla — of an important and delightful genre of ceramics. Departing from the utilitarian objects produced by their contemporaries in Ocotlán de Morelos, they introduced decorative human figures. As you step into Irene’s home and studio, her vivacious and imaginative spirit is immediately palpable, as is the broad range of her work. She is known for her individual pieces such as musicians, devils, monks,”women of the night,” “catrinas,” (elegantly dressed female figures for Day of the Dead) and “fruteros” (fruit bowls) on the lips of which sit an array of figures including lovers, the Three Kings, or “muertos” (skeletal figures engaged in human activities). In addition, she creates spectacular sculptural works, such as complex market scenes and an earth mother melded with foliage. [Retrieved on 8/31/2017 from]
Geographic names
Ocotlán de Morelos; Oaxaca, Mé
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