Gary Blank

Artist, Teacher, Writer
Functions, Occupations, and Activities
>Tinsmith, glass craft
My name is Gary Blank and I am the creator of the Early Gifted Manual. I have been a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1978. From 1983-2006 I worked and lived as a professional artist, first as a tinsmith doing architectural detailing (chandeliers, light fixtures, lamps, framed mirrors, and cabinet panels made of tin, copper, brass, and stained glass) and, later, as a fine artist working in the medium of fused glass. In 2005, after a wonderful 22-year career in the Arts, I decided to become a public servant and began a program of study to become a certified teacher. After two years of study, substitute teaching in the early grades, and tutoring young children, I then worked as a Kindergarten teacher in a public school for four years. During 2011-2012 I was employed as a pre-K special education teacher and had my own private tutoring business. At present, in addition to administering the Early Gifted Manual, I occasionally tutor students of all ages and work with pre-K students at a local school. Also, for many years I have worked part-time as a professional musician (percussionist). Some other work experiences earlier in my adult life include blacksmith's assistant, accordion repairman, and electrician. In my spare time, my favorite pursuits are bicycling, yoga, juggling, and reading. In July of 2012, I decided to resign from full-time teaching in the public schools and create The Early Gifted Manual to aid homeschooling parents in taking charge of their young child's education and intellectual, physical, and personal development. By putting this free manual online I hope to reach as many parents and children as possible and to bring value to their lives. Gary Blank December 2016 [Retrieved on 1/17/2018 from combined pdf.pdf]
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