Rosalina Oviedo Black

Functions, Occupations, and Activities
I was born in Mexico City, one of the biggest and more cosmopolitan cities in the world; I grew up in an artistic neighborhood called "Coyoacan" which in Nauatl means "The coyotes place". This is the neighborhood of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, as well many other artists and bohemians. It is very colonial and very chic...It was there that I started taking my first painting classes at "Plaza de la Conchita". I have been into the arts and crafts since I was eight years old. At eight my father thought I would really enjoy the arts since I was not too passionate about mathematics. Well, he was right...Since then I attended "Escuela de Diseno y Artesanias" were I earned a degree in silversmith and enameling on copper...I then attended the "Academia de San Carlos" where I received a Painting degree. The Academia is now a museum. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study at those schools...Finally, after my two daughters were in elementary school, I had the time to attend "Universidad Veracruzana" where I earned a degree in art history as well as in painting and sculpting...Since moving to the U.S.A. I have been an artist for "The Contemporary Hispanic Market" for over ten years. This is the biggest Hispanic show in the country and the best Hispanic artists in New Mexico show their work there. It is a juried show and the artists need to be at least a quarter Hispanic...I have also been part of many other shows here in New Mexico. My artwork has been in Shidoni Gallery, Hacienda de los Martinez and Santo Nino de Atocha gallery. [Retrieved on 1/10/2018 from]
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