James Bard

1815 – 1897
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[Twins] James Bard and John Bard were born in 1815 in New York City. Their father was Joseph Bard, who had been born in England. Their mother was Nellie Purvis Bard, who had been born in Scotland. They had at least two brothers (Joseph and George), two older sisters (Ellen and Mary) and one younger sister, Margaret. Sometime before 1843, Bard married Harriet DeGroot, who was six years older than he was...Harriet's brother, Albert DeGroot, later became a steamboat captain and a wealthy man, who commissioned a number of works by James Bard...The first known picture by the Bard brothers is of the steamboat Belona, done in 1827 when they were 12 years old.[4] James continued to work with John through the 1830s and into the 1840s. It is not possible to tell which portions of the work were done by each brother. Their joint works are signed "J & J Bard" or "J & J Bard, Picture Painters."[2] No work survives signed by John alone, but there are several signed "Jas. Bard."[2] They began dating their work by 1836. When their father died in 1838, they were listed in the New York directory for the first time as "painters."[4] Their works in the 1830s were watercolor. They began improving their technique and moving into oil painting as a medium by the 1840s. There is only one instance recorded of a showing of the brother's joint work, this was in 1842 at a large display of work by other nautical artists held by the American Institute of City of New York at Niblo's Garden...The last known joint paintings by the brothers were dated 1849...The 1850s were a boom-time for ship construction in New York, and Bard received many commissions from owners of newly built vessels. Bard appears to have earned a modest living from his work.. During his life, Bard painted or made drawings of at least 3,000 vessels, including probably every steamer built at New York during his active life as an artist. [Retrieved on 12/6/2017 from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Bard]
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