Will Shuster

1893 – 1969
Functions, Occupations, and Activities
William Howard Shuster Jr. (1893–1969) was an American artist...He was born November 26, 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the second of three children. He served in the army during World War I in France where he developed tuberculosis from being gassed. He moved to New Mexico in 1920 to improve his health, and became friends with the small but growing arts community...In 1921 he became a members of Los Cinco Pintores ("the five painters"), and showed throughout Santa Fe and the rest of the country as a group. In 1926 Shuster built and burned the first ever Zozobra, a giant puppet now burned every year in effigy, and symbolizing the gloom of the passing year. In addition to painting, Shuster received a disability pension and made money doing ironwork. In 1952, he created El Toro, a symbol for the Santa Fe Rodeo. [Retrieved on 11/8/2017 from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Howard_Shuster] His artwork is in the permanent collections of the Stark Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Delaware Art Museum, Newark Museum, and New Mexico Museum of Art.[5]
Geographic names
Santa Fe
Related people/organizations
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