Gunther Aron

1923 – 2014
Functions, Occupations, and Activities
>Metalwork, jewelry
GUNTHER ARON 2/16/23 - 8/27/14 You may have met him in the check out line, or in a parking lot. He would have struck up a friendly conversation, admired your dog or child and perhaps asked you where you were from. He would have parted with a smile and "Have a good day". He was Gunther Aron: a sculptor who created handsome one of a kind Hanukah Menorahs as well as fine hand crafted jewelry. Gunther was born in Germany, fled to England at the start of WW II and later came to the United States. He attended the Institute of Design in Chicago and while selling his jewelry at Chicago's Old Town Art Fair, he met his future wife, Geraldine Nelson. In 1968 the Arons purchased the Old School House in Lamy, New Mexico and moved there permanently in 1973. Because of the large space it was there that Gunther created some of his finest Menorahs. In 1988, the Arons moved to Santa Fe where, because of a much smaller space, he once again began to make jewelry, mainly pendants of silver and turquoise. Gunther's work was recently represented in the Chicago's Bauhaus Legacy Show at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago and is in many museum and private collections throughout the U.S and elsewhere. [Retrieved on 10/4/2017 from]
Geographic names
Santa Fe