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The MOIFA exhibition Sin Nombre: Hispana and Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era sought to recover an overlooked era in both art historical and cultural approaches to the art of twentieth-century New Mexico. Therein the exhibition considered intersections with colonial Spanish New Mexican art in conjunction with contemporary Chicano, Latino, and American art. The exhibition examined art through the framework of high art rather than as handicrafts in an effort to debunk issues of negative stereotypes and misrepresentations of New Mexican art and artists of the New Deal period. The works included paintings, sculpture, fabric arts, furniture, and mixed media by known artists such as Patrociño Barelas and Pedro Cervantez as well as unknown or forgotten artists whose work has been recovered through archival research. The exhibition was presented from June 6, 1999 to September 5, 2000 in the Main Bartlett Gallery. A book based upon this exhibition, and also entitled Sin Nombre, was published and won the Ralph Emerson Twitchell Award for “significant contribution to history” from the Historical Society of New Mexico. A bilingual online adaptation of the exhibition continues on the Museum website at the time of processing (
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Administrative/Biographical History
Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn is a former Curator of Contemporary Hispano and Latino collections at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. She received her Ph.D. in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico.
Scope and Content
The Sin Nombre: Hispana and Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era Collection gives a historical overview of New Mexican artists during the New Deal Era and Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn’s work to recover these lost voices and their artwork through an exhibition and subsequent publication. The Research Series includes articles on New Deal Era art from around the country as well as a more narrow focus on the Work Projects Administration’s cultural initiatives in New Mexico through articles, pamphlets, and correspondence. The Exhibition Series, the strength of the collection, details artists’ biographies, event programming and outreach, images of the artists and their works, the exhibit book, critical reception of the exhibition, the supplemental website and photo albums and guest books. This series contains correspondence, event programs, photographs, clippings of press releases, and a CD archive of the online website’s files. The Publication Series includes articles and a book that Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn published as a result of her research on the subject matter. Photocopies of her captions and pictures that she used in her manuscript are also available. Correspondence demonstrates the positive reception by the general public.
Contents List
Research Series Box 1, Folder 1: New Deal Art in New Mexico with a focus on New Deal Art Restoration in the state and the development of a New Deal Task Force. Box 1, Folder 2: Article, “WPA Museum Extension Project for MNM” (1938) Box 1, Folder 3: Article, “Gifts from WPA Projects” (1943) Box 1, Folder 4: Articles, “Hispanic People of the Rio Grande” (1942) and “Spanish Colonial Life” (1977) Box 1, Folder 5: Santa Fe New Mexican articles on Spanish Colonial Arts (1930s) Box 1, Folder 6: Articles and Correspondence on Civilian Conservation Corps Camps and their legacy Box 1, Folder 7: Articles and Correspondence on Tinware Collection at Bandolier National Monument Box 1, Folder 8: Article, “Three R’s at El Rito” and the Spanish Normal American School (1945) Box 1, Folder 9: Article, “Santa Fe’s Native Market” (1936) Box 1, Folder 10: Photographs, Post-WPA Vocational School Box 1, Folder 11: Articles on WPA Painters Box 1, Folder 12: Articles and notes on WPA era furniture Box 1, Folder 13: “Portfolio of Spanish Colonial Design” (1938) Box 1, Folder 14: Press article on Women’s Tales from the New Mexico WPA Box 1, Folder 15: Correspondence on the New Mexico Federal Theater Project Box 1, Folder 16: Notes on WPA Hispanic artists in Colorado Box 1, Folder 17: Report, “Culture of a Contemporary Rural Community” in El Cerrito, New Mexico. Box 1, Folder 18: Reports and notes, New Deal Legacy as it pertains to Albuquerque Little Theater Box 1, Folder 19: The National New Deal Preservation Association Box 1, Folder 20: Report, National Parks Service Historic Structure for Bandolier National Monument, a WPA-era project Box 1, Folder 21: Pamphlets, general information on WPA from around the country Box 1, Folder 22: Pamphlets, New Deal Art from around the country Exhibition Series Box 1, Folder 1: Correspondence, initial planning for exhibition Box 1, Folder 2: Correspondence, success of the exhibition Box 1, Folder 3: Press, reviews and promotion of the exhibition Box 1, Folder 4: Documents used for education outreach Box 1, Folder 5: Sin Nombre programming and outreach initiatives Box 1, Folder 6: Student and scholarly interest in exhibition Box 1, Folder 7: Correspondence, WPA Sin Nombre Website Box 1, Folder 8: Correspondence and Press, Opening events and symposium for exhibition Box 1, Folder 9: Reports, exhibition conservation and treatment Box 1, Folder 10: WPA/GSA permissions and legalities for exhibition Box 1, Folder 11: Press, Tea with Tey fundraiser Box 1, Folder 12: Artists’ awards Box 1, Folder 13: Labels/Object list for artwork Box 1, Folder 14: Programming and Artists’ biographies Box 1, Folder 15: Website drafts and materials Exhibition  Exhibit Book Box 2, Folder 16: Introduction to Exhibit book Box 2, Folder 17: Federal Art Centers Box 2, Folder 18: Work by Patrociño Barelas and Pedro Cervantez Box 2, Folder 19: Work by Edward A. Chávez, Francisco Delgado, and Ildeberto Delgado Box 2, Folder 20: Work by José Dolores López Box 2, Folder 21: Work by Santiago [Samuel] Matta, Emilio Padilla Box 2, Folder 22: Work by Eliseo Rodríguez and Paula Rodríguez Box 2, Folder 23: Work by Esquípula Romero de Romero, Juan Sánchez, and George Segura Box 2, Folder 24: Work by Domingo Tejada, Costilla Women, and Estela García Box 2, Folder 25: Work by NYA Girls’ Classes, Moises Aragón, Crisostoma Luna, and Abad Lucero Box 2, Folder 26: Work by Máximo [Max] Luna, Arturo Martínez, and the Vocational School Box 2, Folder 27: Work by George López, Tillie Gabaldón Stark, and Ben Sandoval Box 2, Folder 28: Work by Margaret Herrera and Policarpio Valencia Box 2, Folder 29: Work by Celso Gallegos and Unknown Exhibition  Images Box 3, Folder 30: Miscellaneous artists and objects and historical photos Box 3, Folder 31: Moises Aragón and Patrociño Barelas Box 3, Folder 32: Camp Capitán and Carlos Cervantes Box 3, Folder 33: Pedro López Cervantez and Edward A. Chávez Box 3, Folder 34: Chupadero Vocational School and Costilla Weavers Box 3, Folder 35: Francisco Delgado and Ildeberto Delgado Box 3, Folder 36: Tillie Gabaldón Stark and Celso Gallegos Box 3, Folder 37: Estela García and Margaret Herrera (Chávez) Box 3, Folder 38: José Dolores López, George López, and Abad Lucero Box 3, Folder 39: Crisostoma Luna and Máximo [Max] Luna Box 3, Folder 40: Arturo Martínez y Salazar and Santiago [Samuel] Matta Box 3, Folder 41: Emilio Padilla and Eliseo José Rodríguez Box 3, Folder 42: Paula Rodríguez and Esquípula Romero de Romero Box 3, Folder 43: Ernesto Roybal and Juan Amadeo Sánchez Box 3, Folder 44: Ben Sandoval and George Segura Box 3, Folder 45: Domingo Tejada and Policarpio Valencia Box 3, Folder 46: Sin Nombre Gallery Box 3, Folder 47: Opening 6/6/1999 Exhibition Photo Albums and Guest Books Box 4, Folder 48: Guest books Box 5, Folder 49: Photo Albums Publication Series Box 1, Folder 1: Correspondence, book publication Box 1, Folder 2: Photographs and captions, book publication Box 1, Folder 3: Articles published by Nunn regarding artists of Sin Nombre: Hispana and Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era Box 1, Folder 4: Preservation copy of Sin Nombre: Hispana and Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era (2001) by Tey Marianna Nunn.
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