Hearts and Gizzards Quilt - E. Revay Breshears Douglass [enhanced in Photoshop]

AR.00027 Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey

Hearts and Gizzards Quilt by E. Revay Breshears Douglass [enhanced in Photoshop]. AR.00027: Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey Project. FIELD NOTES: Hearts and Gizzards - Reva[y] researched this pattern + found several other names - Springtime Blossoms, Queen's Petals, she did not see it with sashing in her research. It is backed with outing flannel.

Came to Aztec, New Mexico at age 6 from Sweetland, Missouri... Her aunt collected patterns from the Kansas City Star (later in the interview when Kansas City was mentioned she corrected it to Topeka) going back to 1929. Reva[y] has put them in a scrapbook so they won't get worn out from handling.

First experience at 12 helping her mother quilt. Took up quilting again 3 years ago [1982] when she retired...

Reva[y] has in her scrapbook an airplane quilt pattern from 1934.

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