Wagon Wheels - Martha Denney

AR.00027 Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey

Wagon Wheels by Martha Denney. In this image [enhanced in Photoshop] you can see the back of the quilt, showing piecing details, folded over the front. AR.00027: Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey Project. FIELD NOTES: wagon wheels quilt top by Martha Denney, using prints from a salesman's fabric sample book. The salesman gave Virginia [Anderson?] the discontinued samples. Martha did another top by this pattern out of just brown and white. She thinks Margrette [Baumgardner] had another name for the pattern. The straight lines are machine pieced; curved lines in the "fill out" are hand pieced. Martha said she thoght the machine work was ok because she didn't think she'd ever sell it.

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March 15 2017 Date modified
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Textiles-United States and Canada, Textiles and Dress

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