Jessie Darnell Halsell Interview Transcript July 9, 1985

AR.00027 Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey

On July 9, 1985 Jeannette Lasansky interviewed quilter Jessie Darnell Halsell. The interview was transcribed into typescript circa 1985-6, and the transcript was digitized May 23, 2017.

Jessie Darnell was born in Boswell, Oklahoma, on March 7, 1913. Her family heritage was mixed, including some Choctaw (Native American). She attended high school, and completed some college courses. On February 14, 1933 she married Thomas E Halsell, and the couple moved to New Mexico in 1948. At various times Jessie Darnell Halsell worked for the post office, and taught school.

She learned to make nine patch and string quilts from her family, and later found patterns in quilting magazines. She sometimes rearranged these patterns to make her own designs. She purchased some fabrics, and also used scrap fabrics. She quilted first for her family, and "then for the pleasure."

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